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Employment news 2015 – latest weekly employment new – India news

Employment News : Meaning of employment is condition of work for which person doing that work get paid for doing that work. Employment is also know as condition which have two actor employer and employee. And employer pay employee for doing work for him or her. In latin employment is know as negotium. Term employment is also know as occupation, work, service, labor, hire. Employment falls under following four categories

1) Full time employment
2) Part time employment
3) Permanent employment
4) Temporary employment

Full time employment : In full time employment employer hire employee for full time as per employment norms. During full time employment employee normally work full time i.e. for 8 to 9 hour a day and 5 to 6 days in week. During full time employment employee earn fix salary as per organisation payroll norms. During full time employment employee earn monthly or weekly wages. In full time employment employee get other benefits like pension, medical insurance, travel allowance, etc

Part time employment : In part time employment employee work for few hours for employee to earn side income along with his/her full time employment. Mostly people do part time work to raise extra income alone with their primary job. Part time employee can work in multiple organisation as part time employee during holiday season
or financial shutdowns when employees need extra man powers.
Permanent employment : Mostly full time employee falls under permanent employment category and are called permanent employee of an organization. Most of the employee prefer to work as permanet employee, because of extra benefits offered by employer to employee like extra perk along with basic salary and job security. People liked permanent employment due to job security involved in this employment.

Temporary employment : Temporary employment also know as contractual job. Temporary employee work mostly work on contract basis for certain period of time and after completion of employment contract period employer can terminate employee or extend his/her contract period. Employer can hire contract employee for duration of several month or year. Temporary employee are also know as free lancers. During Temporary employment either part can accept the extension of contract or reject the extension of completion of contract period.

In order to hire an employee, employer publishes employment news at news journal or rozgar samachar. Through employment news candidates come to know about employment opportunity at organisation publishes the employment news. Through employment news employee also come to know about terms and category of employment. This page is an employment journal. Employment notification posted on this page are helpfull for students and job seeker in searching for employment.

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Employment news
The main aim this article is to publish all the desired information about the employment opportunity in India. A growing trend has been seen in recent years that more and more people are seeking information about employment opportunity and employment news. Every week government agencies publishes information about employment opportunity via employment news paper and rozgar samachar. naukrisearch team works 24*7 to collect informations from various sources to best compile it, in order to share it with Indian students and job seekers looking for employment opportunity in government agencies. This page is final stop for all those students and candidates who are looking for employment in central and state government agencies.
March 17, 2015 Employment News

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